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Today's interview with Josh Fox

Today at 4:30pmET, you can watch my interview with Josh Fox. He earned an Oscar nomination and an Emmy for his documentary film GASLAND. Now, he's hosting his own show STAYING HOME WITH JOSH FOX on TYT.

I connected with Josh last year during his tour for THE TRUTH HAS CHANGED. Our concerns overlap a great deal. As soon as he heard about my resignation from MSNBC, he asked me on his show to discuss the systemic issues I raised about cable and broadcast media.

Take a listen and pass this along. The more people learn about the inner workings of TV news, the better we all will be. It affects everyone, whatever you watch. Likewise, no person or topic is immune from the pressure to rate. I've witnessed presidential candidates and U.S. Senators be cancelled when the lead producers thought something else would rate better (thus, earn more profit). It's a destructive force on our country. We can do better than this.

You can find the show streaming today and archived at the following links:

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