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Coming Soon: my interview with Andrew Yang

My interview with Andrew Yang is going to post tomorrow (Monday). We discuss my experience at MSNBC, how ratings influence coverage in a negative way, and changes we may consider to improve the overall media landscape.

Andrew probably didn't realize just how personally the problems actually affected him.

You can watch the interview here, at 8am.

Look for other updates to come soon as well. As I've said before, no one is immune from the pressure to rate, not presidential candidates (nor Senators). This is a relatively small and common example I mentioned today on Twitter.

... I just reviewed my journal. On 4/25/19, I was told that we were never to pursue Andrew for an interview on our show (along with several others). The list of candidates was dictated, but the reasons for allowing them or not were not explained.

You can argue the reasons for or against but that was very early in the election cycle. Unfortunately, to be honest, I wasn't surprised by that instruction at the time because we got similar guidance nearly every day. I regret I wasn't able to do more sooner, but it's not for lack of trying, inside the building and out. I hope to be able to explain more in short order and provide fuller context.

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