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An uncomfortable conversation with Andrew Yang

After my first interview with Andrew Yang, I found notes from April 2019 about how he and other candidates had been blocked from appearing on The Last Word, the MSNBC show I worked on for almost seven years. Andrew needed clarification about how the democratic process had been short circuited, so he asked me back to appear with him on Instagram Live today. It was not a comfortable conversation but it was an important one. I hope it's the first of other difficult discussions. We have to be fully transparent if we're going to make the needed changes to help fix this democracy.

I can't thank Andrew enough for providing the space to start this dialogue. I know he didn't realize how personal our conversation was going to get. It might be a challenge, but he gives me hope for the future.

Watch my interview with Andrew on YouTube. Here we discuss my concerns about television news and the possible fixes we may consider:

Watch the Instagram Live follow-up conversation here about how some candidates were blocked from air:

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